domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


There was a half orange seated on the bench of a train station, reading a book. A half grapefruit gets closer and while seating he says:

- Listen, I saw a half orange out there...

- Ah yes, I know who you mean, I met her this summer… but there’s nothing to do, we are only friends. She’s going out with a half lemon, and for three years already. Actually, she’s quite in love and though we are quite the same, she only thinks of him...

- Well, so you like her...

- (Closing the book and paying all his attention to the half grapefruit) Well, yes, she is a very tasty half orange. But as I say, if by any chance she split up with the half lemon, my best friend, a half kiwi, confessed me that he loves her, and he saw her first. Even I know a half apple falling for her.

- Well, what a deal…

- Anyway… the half lemon is quite distant lately, he is not devoting himself to her as he should, and she feels alone.

- And does she know that you like her?

- Are you kidding? I would never tell her, I would never do something like that to a friend.

- Are you the half lemon’s friend?

- Yes, I met them the same night.

- Come on.

- ¿?

- What really happens is that you are afraid of telling her about your feelings. You don’t care about the half lemon.

- Why she should prefer me? I mean, he is a very handsome half lemon, and they make a so sour couple...

- (The train arrives) I understand

- Besides, one day chatting, she confess me she was looking forward to the university and make juice with all the half students in the faculty.

- Wow! And she says she is in love? (While they get in the train and seating)

- That’s what I thought.

- But you are her half orange, you should have any chance, shouldn’t you?

- Yes, but this is the real life, not a fairytale, you know? I can’t expect suddenly appear in her life, and ask her to love me, and leave everything for me just for the fact that I am her half orange. Things are not that simple. For so in love that I am, there are things to respect.

- And you, for how long don’t you make juice?

- (With a smile…) Well, I can’t complain, sometimes with the half strawberry that I know… she’s so sweet…

- Didn’t you try the fruit salad?

- No way! Shut up! I don’t want a half banana to make a mistake and… besides, it’s a filthy thing, all that fruit together… I am more classic, making little juice between two… (One of his seeds falls to the front seated half carrot’s feet) ¡Hey! Sorry…

- Don’t worry, young boy…

- We are victims of this society, why do we insist on making work the unworkable?

- Fruit normally fall in love and loose the perspective, even they are with someone just for not being alone, everything seems to be ok and obviate the details that make the relationship break with time, but at the same time closes doors to other posible relationships to bear fruit, everything is an inexorable waste of time.

(Both whistle when a beautiful half orange passes by)

- Listen, how you know that she is your half orange? There are a lot of half oranges out there...

- (Silence)

- ….

- (Silence)

- ….

- Well, I don’t know, but for sure I am not a half lemon.

- Yes, that’s true. What do you think is going to happen?

- Well, one day the half lemon will find a half lemon, and they will have little lemons and they will live happily ever after, and then she will wonder why, she will never suspect why, but this is natural law, but then it will be too late, for her and for me.

- (With the sight lost through the window) How many people live a half life, right?

- Yes… this is madness.

- (Silence)

- I’m sure that I could make her happy, in other circunstances… now we would be boyfriends.

- You should speak to her, maybe she doesn’t expect to be with a half lemon for the rest of her life.

- Look, I don’t think I have to convince anyone to love me, if she were the one, she would see the qualities that make me a fantastic half orange. Besides I have some pride and I’m not going to join the queue begging her, she should be the first in mine. After all, I only want someone to be happy with, not someone to cry for...

- Yes you are right, but that is no reason for not letting her know...

- …

- (The train stops) So? What are you going to do?

- (Cunningly) It seems like we arrived, isn’t it?

- …

- (Jumping from the train) Well, you see, we are in Valencia, and here there are half oranges for us to be bored.

PS: A half lemon never will be a half orange, even if it has a lot of vitamin C. And sometimes life doesn’t give you a second chance.

Roberto Seijas Rouco, September 2007